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Mobile RDR 2017 Rego


If you want to get a Mobile RDR t-shirt, you must rego by 8/15/17! DON'T YOU WANT A T-SHIRT!?!?

Mobile Red Dress Run - September 22-24, 2017

I mean, honestly, if you don't come you know what's going to happen. You're going to sit a t home and start seeing pictures of everyone having fun. Then you'll wish you had gone. Then you'll start getting jealous of all the fun we're having. Then you'll try to avoid all the pictures being posted of the fun we're having. Then you'll promise yourself you'll never miss a Mobile RDR ever again.

So just save yourself the agony of missing out and REGO FOOL!!

Product Details

  • Friday - 5pm - Kegs tapped and registration opens at the Hash Hotel. Mismanagement will be drunk by 5:30pm. Well, maybe not Banger, sometimes she just can't keep up. 5:31pm - Someone will be sent to grab some aloe for Banger because of that sick burn. At 8pm, something will happen, I'm not really sure what because Etta's write up that I was given said "8:00pm - ???". So either no-one knows what is happening after 8pm, or Tater is showing up as the Riddler.
  • Friday Night Social: 1940s/WWII Themed (Channel your inner Rosie the Riveter, practice your victory rolls, break out the fedora! It's going to be a hell of a party!). So now that I've read farther than one sentence into the write upI was given, I realize that Friday night is themed. However, I would still find it highly entertaining if Tator would show up as the Riddler. Also, apparently Swallows got wasted and missed RDR trail last year? This is the equivalent of getting drunk on Christmas Eve and forgetting to wrap the kids presents. Which doesn't sound too bad until you realize that you don't have kids, or a family, and you are indeed homeless. Then as you get out of your cardboard make-shift home you take the last swig of the whiskey you won in a hobo street brawl and look towards the sky with a single tear in your eye. You hurl the empty bottle towards the city Christmas tree and it shatters upon the ground. You curl up in the cold snow and cry yourself back to sleep...
  • ...
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  • Saturday: Red Dress Run!, fun (mandatory) & games! So it is highly imperative that you consider eating. I mean that as a general rule for life. Now Saturday as we know is THE big day. That one day of the year (except for all the others) where you get to parade around the streets in a big gaudy red dress. 12:00pm is when the circle/oval/crescent moon/polygon/amoeba will probably be called together by Etta because Lubi and Finn are busy eating day old tacos out of a mini fridge and Etta's tired of yelling at them to come on. Purple will be doing... something... probably... he's hard to predict. After circle we'll start the TRAIL!!!! I was told to tell you to wear comfy shoes or whatever.
  • Sunday: 10am - Champagne Hangover trail and RAFFLE!!! So you remember last year how it was super hot and everyone was tired? It's the south. What do you want. However we will be havinf a knee-slapper of raffle this year! I personally guarantee it will be twice as better as last year maybe!